Welcome to Wild. We are dedicated to ensuring that all of our produce is reared in the wild, and allowed to roam freely across glorious countryside.

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Eating Wild couldn’t be easier with our fantastic range of meat and game products presented to you in simple to cook packs. From Pheasant and Partridge to Mixed Game and Venison, we deliver fantastic tasting, nutritious meat all year round, so give it a try now.

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Cooking with Wild delivers great tasting meals every time. Our Wild range provides the perfect meat for a number of brilliant dishes, and of course the perfect steak dinner. We are creating new recipes all the time with our restaurant partners and chefs across the UK who are finding the delicious taste and versatility of our Wild products to be irresistible.

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Wild is a really healthy choice as our products are leaner than farmed alternatives, without any of the nasties found in mass produced meats. Packed with vitamins, minerals and a great source of protein, Wild is not only a healthier choice, but a delicious one too.

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We want to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to eat Wild, that’s why we are working with retailers across the UK to make sure you can get Wild in your local store. If you can’t find Wild where you shop, please let us know and we'll get Wild to you as soon as we can.

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